Why is Spelling important?

Written english is used so that people can understand each other. It can be found in many different forms, such as stories, newspaper articles, on the internet and so on.

It is useful if everyone spelt words in the same way, so we could understand each other ….

Some words sound the same, but have different meanings (called homophones) so we need to learn different rules to deal with them.

A hare on the carpet A hair on the carpet

Small differences in spellings give rise to words with very different meanings

… and some words sound the same and are spelt the same but have different meanings …

Smudge will always check her spellings


For many years, there was not a standard way of spelling words and it was the invention of printed books that led to common forms of spellings.

Dictionaries show the correct spellings of words and their meanings, and it is useful to have one close at hand when writing stories or doing homework.