Part 3 – Some Maths

Or should that be “Some Math”? But I am from the UK! As explained on the BBC Micro:bit MicroPython pages, overall acceleration can be calculated using Pythagoras’ rule here (under Advanced Functions). To recap, if you just had accelerations along two dimensions (the x and y axis say), the overall acceleration can be found using… Continue reading Part 3 – Some Maths

Week 2 – Meet the Accelerometers

This Microbit page introduces the accelerometers quite well:and provides a first program: The accelerometers measure how fast the microbit device is accelerating. Acceleration is the rate of increase of speed, and is often mentioned when people speak about cars, for example when someone says “…it accelerates well from traffic lights …” they are talking about… Continue reading Week 2 – Meet the Accelerometers

On Data Privacy

Data is the new oil. For many years, oil was the most valuable resource traded around the world. We all have images of rich oil tycoons, but in recent years they have to take second place. To what? To data. Yes, our data that we give away using the internet. The data collected may include:… Continue reading On Data Privacy